Channing events are now both online and in person. Check our Upcoming Events page under Happenings on the menu. Covid related information is under Community.
Services: Online and In Person
Robinson Nature Center
6692 Cedar Ln
Columbia, MD

Office: 3677 Park Ave
Ellicott City, Maryland

COVID and the Channing Community 

Channing has a short survey for Channing members and friends to help monitor needs and coordinate care.   The survey monitors an assessment of your situation, resources you may have to offer, and needs you may have.  This form can be filled out multiple times, so if your situation changes at any point during this virus, you can update the form to help us know about your changing situation. This form will help us monitor any care needs. While this form lets us know of needs, it also includes more ways we can help support each other. It lifts up the give and take of our interdependent web.

Channing Memorial Church has a Community Connections Team; the primary function of this team is to monitor needs and coordinate care for our Channing community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please connect with the Team at if you have any further needs or resources you would like to share.  And be sure to keep your survey updated, or complete it if you have not yet done so.

Our goal is to offer as much support as we can throughout the uncertainty of this situation.  If for whatever reason your needs cannot be met, know that we are trying our best to coordinate care.  Each and everyone of you is held in community.

 If you or a family member needs help, fill out the Connections survey or email