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Our New Settled Minister!

Channing is very pleased to announce our new settled minister!   Our minister is Rev. Jane Smith, who became a newly ordained Unitarian Universalist Minister on June 2nd at the First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis.  We are pleased to welcome her. She will begin as minister with us in August and take her place in the pulpit in early September.   Stay tuned to this page and to our calendar on this site for details.

Greetings from Pastor Jane


Below is some information quoted directly from Jane’s website which will help you get to know her.  We encourage you to  find much more at her personal site at:  :   http://www.uuministry.com/janesmith/ .  Take the time to get to know her.

“I am drawn to your commitment to spirituality and your welcoming and inclusive spirit.  From the beginning of this church in 1992 – those first 30 people who gathered in folks’ homes to discuss spirituality and religion – to all of the members and friends here today, Channing’s dedication to community and spiritual self-reflection is apparent.  


Just like the welcoming spirit you possess, my ministry is based on inclusivity. I am dedicated to providing an open and welcoming place for all.  I have done extensive work on bringing awareness to mental health and also to what is means to be gender non-binary, and I have done work in young adult ministry. I work hard to cultivate a sense of self-worth in all of those around me.


My background includes a Bachelors Degree in Cultural Anthropology and Religious Studies from Rutgers University and a Masters Degree in Divinity from Meadville Lombard Theological School.  I have done volunteer work in the mental health field and served as an intern at the Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless.  I served as a student chaplain at both Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Jersey and at Omegon Residential Treatment Center in Minnesota, where I worked with teenagers struggling with mental illness and addiction. I learned about the power of presence and of deep listening, and about living with compassion and love.


My husband Eric in on the journey with me. He brings with him a love of art and cooking and a deep sense of compassion. In his free time, Eric enjoys reading theology books. He is currently studying Data Science at Northwestern University and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Cornell University. Eric and I are so excited for the opportunity to start this next chapter of our lives in Ellicott City with all of you at Channing Memorial Church.

Services and Theology

Services I help create are steeped in my theology.  My theology of overcoming is heard when I speak to the hurting, the suffering, and those who are recovering. When appropriate, I include myself, my stories and my lessons. I work to keep sermons personal, while not divulging too much. I work to keep sermons vulnerable, in hopes that this openness inspires others to be vulnerable as well.

I personally connect with a higher power through prayer and meditation. These ritual acts center me and calm my heart and mind. To me, this spirit of life and love is urging us all towards good, is joyful when we are joyful, and in pain when we are in pain.


This is the mission of our faith:
To teach the fragile art of hospitality;
To revere both the critical mind and the generous heart;
To prove that diversity need not mean divisiveness;
And to witness to all that we must hold the whole world in our hands.
-William F. Schulz