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Channing Memorial Church Unitarian Universalist, where the focus is on the question, not the answer.  If you are searching for a religious community to which you can bring your whole self, and are open to being challenged spiritually, this congregation may be for you!


Here you will join with others whose spiritual journeys call them to:

  • derive a spiritual center from Jewish and Christian roots as well as personal experience and reason;
  • draw on myths and traditions of other cultures and religions;
  • gather for fellowship, prayer, music, silence and a sermon during Sunday morning worship;
  • explore the meaning of the “big questions” in a complex world, such as the reconciliation of religion and science, the nature of humanity and the existence of God;
  • nurture companionship on your spiritual journey with adult and youth conversation groups;
  • provide a stimulating religious education program for children; and
  • motivate beliefs and compassion into action to build a better world.


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Everyone is welcome at Channing Memorial Church.




Sunday Worship and Fellowship at 10 A.M.


Welcome newcomers! For more about our worship service, click here.


Child care for infants and religious education for children and youth is provided during worship services.



 Come and explore the March theme of prudence 

 with us.








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Where we are:


Channing Memorial Church

3220 Corporate Court
Suite C
Ellicott City, MD  21042
(410) 203-0474

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  • Sunday Service on April 5

    Theme: Prudence

    Title:  Easter Sunday Service

    By:  Rev. Susan LaMar

  • Administering Wills in Maryland


    Byron E. Macfarlane

    Register of Wills for Howard County

    Tuesday, March 31, 7:00 p.m.  The month of April may be a time to think prudently about  how to make sure our own funds are handled according to our wishes after we are gone, and to plan ahead for the sad probability that we may have to administer the estate of a loved one at some time.   Don't live in Howard County?  Estate law is governed by the State of Maryland, so the information will be just as useful if you live in one of the surrounding counties.  Open to the public.  Bring your friends.

  • Contemplative Conversations

    What can an ancient tale of wisdom say to you?  With guided meditation & discussion, find spiritual

    deepening with a small group.  Please join us from 7:30 - 9:00 P.M. Wednesday, April 1.

  • Channing Men's Group - note time change

    Please join the men on Thursday, April 2,  10 A.M. - noon at Paul G's home for a viewing of Valentine Road, a compelling story about Larry King.  Bring a friend for discussion and fellowship.