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Unitarian Universalist Rights Organizations

It might be considered UU blasphemy to believe in a trinity. But what about a trinity of Awareness, Advocacy and Action? There are several UU organizations that can help individuals and congregations to apply their faith, to learn and educate about social and economic problems, to influence public policy makers to enact laws that reflect our values, to serve those in need and as Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “to leave the world better than we found it.” These organizations work at the international, national, state levels.

  • Congregational: Channing Memorial Church Social Justice Team
  • State: UU Legislative Ministry of Maryland
  • National and International: UU Service Committee
  • National: UU’s For Social Justice in the National Capital Region
  • International: UU United Nations Office

For more information about these organizations and how you can help to advance human rights, please contact Jim Caldiero or check out Channing Memorial Church’s Social Justice Team Website.

UU Legislative Ministry of Maryland
The Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry of Maryland is a statewide advocacy network of individual UU’s and congregations that seeks to influence public policy on issues such as Climate Change, Health Care, Marriage and Transgender Equality, Death with Dignity, Prison and Bail Reform and Immigration. In January, UULMMD holds its annual meeting in Annapolis to plan its advocacy with the Maryland General Assembly. Join in, pick an issue and advocate. Learn about an issue, write a letter, send an email, make a phone call, visit your legislator.

UU Service Committee
Grounded in our Unitarian Universalist Principles and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UUSC advances human rights and social justice in the United States and around the world. Through a unique combination of advocacy, education, and partnerships with community-based grassroots organizations worldwide, UUSC promotes and advances economic justice, environmental justice and the rights of those most at risk during humanitarian crises. UUSC is a member-supported organization, receiving no funds from the UUA or any governmental organization. YOU are its primary source of support. Please visit UUSC and make a generous membership contribution today to help UUSC advance justice and human rights in the U.S, and around the world.

UUs for Social Justice
UUSJ’s mission is to mobilize and amplify the voice of Unitarian Universalists in the National Capital Region (NCR) as we seek to change the world through acts of love and justice. UUSJ enables social justice leaders and activists in UU congregations to collaboratively advocate and witness on issues of shared concern including escalating income inequality, the environment and immigration.

UU United Nations Office
The UU UN Office, a UUA affiliate, works with and through the United Nations to advance a peace, justice and a sustainable world community, engaging and inspiring UU’s to participate in this work. Every spring, UU UNO holds a youth conference in New York City.

UU College of Social Justice
UUSC and the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) have joined together to establish the UU College of Social Justice to educate current and future social justice leaders. Through experiential-learning programs, participants are introduced to the work of UUSC’s domestic and overseas partners — who are often on the front lines of addressing social-justice issues. The College’s programs include hands-on work, experience and service opportunities in Haiti, New Orleans, Guatemala and along the U.S.- Mexican border.