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Sermons and Stories for All Ages

Stories for all Ages all include a visual graphic.   Sermons do not have a visual graphic in their post.

Imagination of Pandemic Proportions

This Sunday we explore what lessons a global pandemic can teach us about Imagination. How can we use imagination to cope with challenging times? And how can we use challenging times to spark imagination?    (By Pam El-Dinary, Worship Associate)

Justice, Freedom and a Nonviolent Revolution

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called for justice and freedom for all in his work in the civil rights movement. He imagined a nonviolent revolution – a revolution that required active resistance, not passivity. That worked to convert, not defeat; that served to be against evil, not against persons; that respected the dignity of each person. As we reflect on the…

From Stillness to Imagination

In December we rounded off our year with an exploration of what it means to be a people of Stillness. Turning the page on the calendar year, we also turn our attention to January’s theme of Imagination. Join us this coming Sunday as we cross the bridge from Stillness to Imagination. (By Ostara Hollyoak, Worship Associate)

When Dark and Light Meet

Today we honor the ancient pagan celebration of winter solstice – the longest night of the year, when the darkness of winter begins to fade away as the days slowly become longer again. While there is this inherent contrast between metaphors and images of dark and light, the two complement each other, each with their own place in spiritual wholeness. When we…