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Sermons from November 2021

Sharing History, Sharing Bread

Each year, the Sunday before Thanksgiving, we join together for our annual Bread Communion service. In this special tradition, you are all invited to bring a bread or grain-based dish that is meaningful to you. This Sunday, we share our stories behind this bread – perhaps our bread comes from a religious, ethnic, or cultural background. Perhaps it’s a family favorite! Each dish has a unique history all of its own. As we share our stories, we ground ourselves in the tales of our ancestors, reflecting on those generations that shaped and formed who we are today – influencing even the food that touches our lips.

An Act of Creation

Our memories leave us with stories of overcoming and failures, heroism and defeats that shape and mold who we are. Yet, memories are not set in stone but acts of creation. Science shows us that we change our memories slightly every time we engage with them. If we actively engage, we can choose what memories tell us our truth, and re-create memories to be a source of strength. This is not “how” we remember, but “what” we remember, re-framing and crafting our own history to build strength, wisdom, and kindness today.

Holding On and Letting Go

What shapes us, guides us, and provides us valuable wisdom, and what serves to break us down? We each hold close our personal histories, shaped and molded by death, illness, regrets, mistakes, love, and lessons learned. This Sunday, we are invited to engage with the experiences we hold within us, grappling with those questions of what to hold close and what to release.

Rest in Yourself

Loneliness is pervasive. We may experience periods when, even if surrounded by people, our insides yearn for something beyond the emptiness we may feel. We are called to find the answer within ourselves, loving and connecting with our core. We are called towards fullness and wholeness as we orient ourselves towards our own unique spirituality. This Sunday, we explore escaping loneliness and fostering healing as we first turn inward, cultivating the strength to turn outward.