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Sermons from November 2020

Finding Purpose in the Shadows

Suffering is inherent to the human condition; what changes is our response to it. Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl argues that if we find meaning in that which causes us suffering – if we find purpose in our lives – this can allow us to overcome even the most challenging of obstacles. When we cannot change a situation, we can work to change…

Through the Web of Life and Heart Space

It is inherent to the Unitarian Universalist faith that we are, each one of us, held in the interdependent web of life. As we are bound together through those sacred strands, we each bring with us our own hearts, filled, always, with a myriad of emotions. In a world divided, let our hearts not be drawn towards animosity, but towards love. Let…

The Veil Between

Religious experiences often reference a “thin place,” a space in which the holy and the mundane interact in a sacred way. In these places we may find ourselves between the earthly realm and the spiritual realm, and we may experience ourselves and our surroundings in novel ways. In these days preceding an especially important election, we find ourselves in a different kind…