During the pandemic Channing events are all online. Check our Upcoming Events page.
Services: 4765 Dorsey Hall Dr
Office: 3677 Park Ave
Ellicott City, Maryland

Office Hours on hiatus for Reverend Jane Smith

During the summer, June 22 through August 25, Rev. Jane Smith will be on summer leave and study.  Please contact a member of the Board if you would like to speak with someone at the Church.   We invite you to review our online events that continue this summer, including regular online Sunday Services.   Check Upcoming Events elsewhere on this site for details.

(Recurring, 1-4pm) Every Tuesday Rev. Jane will host online office hours

After August 25, office hours are now made by appointment.  Please contact Rev. Jane at minister@channingmc.org to schedule an appointment.  Rev. Jane is also available to schedule appointments throughout the week for folks who are unable to meet during this timeframe. 

Zoom IDs will be sent after an appointment has been made.