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The Courage to Imagine

Before we create anything new, we need to craft it in our minds; to change our current lives we need to envision a new one. This Sunday, through an exploration of origin stories, world religions, and our own family histories, we explore the roles our imaginations play in generating a courageous way forward.

The Demons in the Cave

As we transition into our theme of courage, we honor those seemingly small acts of bravery that nonetheless alter the course of our lives. By delving deep into Buddhist practices and ideas, we learn how to intentionally and courageously avoid suffering. Together, we will share wisdom tales and explore the Noble Eightfold Path, gaining direction, skills, and insights that serve to transform the actions, thoughts, and intentions in each of our days.

Forgiveness, Hope, and the Sacred

In commemorating the Jewish High Holidays, we will reflect on the sacred theme of forgiveness. In engaging with Jewish history, we will also examine the hope necessary for the Exodus story. How do these teachings affect us as Unitarian Universalists? How can we use Jewish wisdom to encourage us on our individual journeys of belonging?

A Faith of Seekers

What does it mean to belong to Unitarian Universalism? Ours is a faith of hope and love and interconnectedness, encouraging us on our spiritual journeys as we work to make sense of the world around us. This Sunday, we will explore what it means to belong to a covenantal community of those who question, search, and heal.