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Services: Online and In-Person
Held at Epiphany Lutheran Church
9122 Sybert Dr
Ellicott City, MD 21043

Office: 3677 Park Ave
Ellicott City, Maryland


Welcoming the Sacred, Welcoming the World

This Sunday, we deeply engage with the ideas of welcome, spirituality, faith, and religion. Our exploration is multilayered. First, what do we gain when we welcome faith and spirituality into our own lives? Once we have found our own spiritual grounding, I invite us to explore, through the musings of Jewish and Buddhist scholars, what it is that is universal in the…

Sacred Curiosity

This Sunday, we reflect on how a practice of curiosity serves as an act of love and radical welcome. By simply engaging with those in our midst, we illuminate the humanity of those we encounter, an act that is significant in this world of indifference, judgment, and animosity.  Through thoughtful questioning, we invite into our lives myriad stories, blessing the listener and…

Little Bits of Good

“Amid tear gas and police dogs, Desmond Tutu led a people against apartheid.” -President Barrack Obama. Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate who helped end apartheid in South Africa, died at age 90 in 2021. One of his most famous quotes was, “Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the…

What I Did at My Summer Camp

“Reclaiming is a community of people working to unify spirit and politics. Our vision is rooted in the religion and magic of the Goddess, the Immanent Life Force. We see our work as teaching and making magic: the art of empowering ourselves and each other. In our classes, workshops, and public rituals, we train our voices, bodies, energy, intuition, and minds. We…

What Is the Lutheran Church? (Or: Did a Diet of Worms Really Trigger the Reformation?)

So …,  we’re sharing a Lutheran Church space. What is the Lutheran Church? Join us on a tour through the life of Martin Luther and the origins of Lutheranism, with a brief side trip through the denomination in the present day. We’ll also take a look at some of the symbolism and liturgical accoutrements in the  sanctuary. See what you already know, and whether there’s something you’ve missed!