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Celebrating Blessings

As we join together to celebrate Flower Communion, we reflect on those small, simple treasures offered us from what we hold sacred. How can we re-orient our lives to be aware of these gifts, actively engaging with the beauty that surrounds us? Flowers become a blessing as they remind us of beauty, wholeness, goodness, and simple treasures.

Beauty on the Margins

True beauty often remains hidden in the margins of society, overlooked and ignored as we are drawn to glamor. Through the lens of liberation theology, we reflect on the idea of a God with a preferential love towards the oppressed. How can we shift our ideas of beauty and in doing so create a kinship of all humanity? With this shift, we work to heal an aching world.

Exploring the Sacred

There is nothing more elusive than the concept of God – the sacred of many names. This Sunday, we grapple with the sacred in a Unitarian Universalist context, challenging classical theism while exploring different theologies and different forms of theism. We join to appreciate divine love, as we grapple with the holy as both an entity and an experience.

Lessons from My Mother

As we honor Mother’s Day, we lean into imperfection and the many forms of love. Our lives are a tapestry of mothers of various roles and titles working to tend to us. Today we honor the lessons these mothers instilled in us, and the lessons I learned from mother figures that led to resiliency and wonder in unexpected ways. How does motherhood, in all its forms, cultivate beauty?