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Services: Online and In-Person
Held at Epiphany Lutheran Church
9122 Sybert Dr
Ellicott City, MD 21043

Office: 3525 Ellicott Mills Drive, Suite A
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Courthouse Square Office Complex

Sermons from September 2022

Forgiveness, Hope, and the Sacred

In commemorating the Jewish High Holidays, we will reflect on the sacred theme of forgiveness. In engaging with Jewish history, we will also examine the hope necessary for the Exodus story. How do these teachings affect us as Unitarian Universalists? How can we use Jewish wisdom to encourage us on our individual journeys of belonging?

A Faith of Seekers

What does it mean to belong to Unitarian Universalism? Ours is a faith of hope and love and interconnectedness, encouraging us on our spiritual journeys as we work to make sense of the world around us. This Sunday, we will explore what it means to belong to a covenantal community of those who question, search, and heal.

Water and Stardust

As we join together to celebrate Water Communion, we marvel at the wild improbability that life exists at all. How can the acknowledgement of this improbability offer deep appreciation for our individual lives? Can life and consciousness be reduced to science, or is this a gift of an unknowable creator? We are made from the dust of stars, but why, and how? In grappling with the unknowable, we find ways to give our life – so very significant in its own insignificance – meaning. Through this reflection, we ground ourselves in intention as we prepare for the spiritual journey of this upcoming church year.