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Sermons from March 2023

A Story Told

So many of life’s deepest hardships are too intimate and unique to fully understand unless we commit to learning about one another’s innermost stories.  This Sunday, we explore the power of literature as a tool towards understanding. We will explore morals through wisdom tales, examine poverty and addiction through a work of fiction, and delve into hardships of racism through the lens…

Beautifully Transient

What if there is no afterlife, what if our brief time in this realm is all we have? Well, perhaps we live on through the memories of our beloveds, through our legacy, through our descendants.   What if humanity ultimately meets its own demise? Well, we are held in the interdependent web of life that weaves throughout millennia, shifting and changing, each life…

To Give and To Receive

And yet what this story clearly articulates is a tale of generosity. All they needed was a simple reminder, an invitation, and this community steeped in love and gratitude came together in acts of generosity that sustained the whole – one humble offering at a time, they created something nourishing and life-giving.[1] I wonder, in exchange for offering cabbage, as the villagers…