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Held at Epiphany Lutheran Church
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Ellicott City, MD 21043

Office: 3525 Ellicott Mills Drive, Suite A
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Sermons from 2023

The Lessons of Christmas

May we join together in a contemplative Christmas Eve service. Together, we will honor this special holiday with a homily, readings, hymns, scripture, and a much beloved Silent Night candle ritual. Join us in celebration and reverence as we spend a meaningful evening together.

Miracles of the Flame

Hanukkah celebrates a time of abundant miracles. This Sunday, we celebrate three: the wonder that the Jewish people made a choice, against all odds, to light that first flame; that there was a quiet spark within guiding them to do so; and that the light inexplicably multiplied. How can these miracles imbue our lives with deeper meaning and an ever stronger faith?

Mystery and Mysticism

Mysticism, as a way to experience the world, allows us to contemplate the mystery of the relationship between the finite and the infinite. Adherents believe that God is part of everything that is and ever was. The divine is a mystery that we best understand when we realize we do not understand it; it is an essence we intuit when immersed in wonder and awe. How…

Stories of Generosity

This Sunday’s service will be centered on two stories of generosity, one of which you are very likely to know or have heard of, and another of which you are very likely to not know or have heard of. Both are real “humdingers”.

The Gift of Gratitude

This Sunday, as we join to celebrate Bread Communion, we center in this season of gratitude. Together, we reflect on how a life centered on gratitude changes our outlook on life, our relationship with ourselves, and our connection to all that is.  How can we invite this as an intimate spiritual practice in each of our days?