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Held at Epiphany Lutheran Church
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Sermons from January 2024

Just as You Are

This Sunday, we explore how centering the practice of self-love can be a liberating, spiritual act.   How can our lives transform if we believe the words “you are just right”? Together, we will traverse a journey that begins through centering in self affirmation, that guides us toward finding this love from within, not without, and that allows us to begin, together,…

Liberating your Love

This month’s worship theme is “Liberating Love”, and so far this month we have considered it as a noun – Agape. But “Liberating Love” can also be interpreted as an action, and we will consider such questions as “What is this love that should be liberated?” and “Where did this love come from?”.

Of Love and Justice

As we join in honor of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we reflect: what is love through the lens of justice? There is a deep love that offers compassion to the downtrodden, all of us siblings, calling for justice and equity while working alongside the least of these. There is likewise a love of enemies as we work to bridge…

A Limitless Love

As we begin our theme of Liberating Love, we note several catalysts for love held deep within the world’s religions. We further explore, how does love manifest uniquely within our own Unitarian Universalist faith? A life centered in love changes our minds and bodies; it becomes universal and limitless as we offer it to each being in this finite realm.