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Rev. Susan’s Retirement Day on May 29, 2016

The following are selected from the service on that day.

Release of Covenant (only the first section in which the congregation spoke, so does not include Rev. Susan’s response.)

Here are the words to the Release from Covenant spoken by the Congregation:

Susan Lamar, thirteen years ago we called you as our minister.  We called you to live among us, to make our concerns your concerns and to lead us in the paths of understanding, righteousness and peace.  We looked to you for moral leadership,  religious insight and spiritual guidance.  You have ministered to us alike in our joys and in our sorrows and led us in a quest for greater understanding of religious and spiritual life.  Through placing into your hands our free pulpit,  we had you speak the truth to us in love and freedom.  We have cherished the work of the church that we have undertaken during your time with us, and we now release you from this covenant.

Rev. Susan’s response:

Though we depart from one another, our common journey as Unitarian Universalist spiritual beings continues.  Though separate, may you and I continue to discern the work of God in the world and continue to tap the Eternal Energy to promote justice, righteousness and love.  With gratitude and humility, I lay down my duties among you, and return your pulpit to you.

Rev. Susan’s Final Benediction to the Congregation:

You, this congregation have been a blessed gift to me and continue to be so to the world.   A song cannot be unsung nor true love evaporate.   Remember this well.   The eternal holiness that powers the universe and all that is within it is always around you, within you and among you.   Reach for it—breathe it in and take it forth, to create the world that we all dream of.