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Article II Discussion

This Saturday, April 15th, from 1:00 to 2:30 PM, we will discuss proposed changes to Article II bylaws of the UUA. As you may know, this revision incorporates the 7 Principles and 8th Principle into value statements. Specifically, we will focus on the first three values of interdependence, pluralism, and justice. We will be open to discussing other thoughts and concerns of attendees.

To prepare for this discussion, please read the Charge to the Article II Study Commission This will explain the goals of the Commission that the revision is intended to meet. Since we will be discussing the proposed changes, please read the revised language as well. You can find this on page 19 of the Article II Study Report.

Our plan is to have 4 meetings including this one. The remaining discussions will include these topics:

  • 2ndmeeting: The last three values (Transformation, Generosity, Equity) in C-2.2
  • 3rdmeeting: C-2.3, “Inspirations;” C-2.4 “Inclusion;” and C-2.5, “Freedom of Belief”
  • 4thmeeting: C-2.1, “Purposes” and the beginning of C-2.2, “Values and Covenant”

For those who want to dig deeper, here are some additional resources.