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Soul Matters Group Discussion

For Channing Members and Friends

Through these groups, I invite you into deep, personal reflection of the theme.  This gives us the opportunity to journey together, as a church, one Small Group at a time. I will host Small Groups at the end of each month to engage in spiritual exploration and personal reflection.

In preparation for each Small Group meeting, I will send all participants a packet.  This packet includes spiritual exercises, questions to meditate on, and a wealth of resources for further personal exploration.  Before each meeting, I ask that you take some time to reflect on the packet. I invite you to engage in one spiritual exercise, whichever one feels right to you.   I also ask that you pick one question out of the list of examples that feels meaningful to you. I invite you to take a week or two to meditate on that question. When we gather as a group, we will reflect on these exercises and questions.  

Please contact minister@channingmc.org for more information.