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Soul Matters Small Group “Nurturing Beauty”

*Held via Zoom*

Our theme for this month is “Nurturing Beauty.” I believe there is beauty all around us, if only we remind ourselves to pay attention – budding trees, the smile of a beloved.  It is when times are hard that this can slip away. Blaise Pascal reminds us, “In difficult times, carry something beautiful in your heart.”  I wonder, what beauty do you hold in your heart? What goodness do you carry within? I wonder, too, of those wounds that lead to resilient scars – those beautiful scars that make us stronger, kinder, and more compassionate. In times of hardship, how can we both notice all that surrounds us, and nurture our inner self? 

I invite you to come to this group with nothing but curiosity and an open mind! There will be no prep work and no need to reflect on a packet.  Together, we will reflect on wise words of others and grapple with some self-reflective questions. Please sign up using the link below.