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Young Adult Soul Matters

Discussion of this month’s Soul Matters Theme, “Deep Listening”, geared to young adults.

Author David Augsburger writes, “Being heard is so close to being loved that for the average person they are almost indistinguishable.” During these anxious and unsettling times, this desire and need for a sacred community and the love this entails is strong.  One way we can offer this life-altering gift of love is to listen, and to listen deeply. 

Deep Listening is our worship theme for October, and the theme for our small groups. These small groups are special because they allow each member to deeply engage with the topic in multiple ways.  In preparation for each month’s Small Group, Rev Jane will send each group member a packet. You are invited to select from this packet one spiritual exercise and one question to reflect on before our meeting together.  While reviewing the packet ahead of time is a great way to prepare, please do not let a busy schedule deter you from participating. Whatever amount of time you are able to dedicate to preparation is just the right amount of time! 

We ask that you sign up ahead of time.   To receive a packet and RSVP, use the sign-up genius link in the church weekly email, newsletter, or email Rev. Jane to request information and to sign up. 

Rev. Jane will also provide all attendees a Zoom link the day of the Small Group. If the slot that you can attend is full, just let her know.  We have opened our small groups to the public to share our gifts with the community. Feel free to invite friends.  She is excited to explore the topic of Deep Listening with you!