During the pandemic Channing events are all online. Check our Upcoming Events page under Happenings on the menu. Covid related information is under Community.
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For more information, contact Dan V. or Maureen H. (See your church directory, or contact us.)

Young Adult Game Night

Young Adults Potluck Returns  The Young Adult Game Night and virtual potluck is back for the fall.   Join us October 7 (and every first Wednesday) from 7 to 9. We’ll have  games and conversation. Anyone in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s welcome.   This event is open to the public and folks are encouraged to share  this event with anyone who may be…

Men’s Group

Join Channing members and friends at Channing’s Men’s Group. Enjoy free ranging discussions and conversation. All are welcome. Connection Information will be sent to Mens Group Members. If you would like this information and have not otherwise received it, write to us on our Contact Us page elsewhere on this site, and we will provide…

Worship Team Meeting

(Meeting is only open to worship team members.)  Meets monthly to discuss upcoming worship themes as well as improvements to worship services.  Contact Rev. Jane for more information.

Channing Book Club

Interesting discussion each month – sometimes a book, sometimes a shorter piece.  Contact Ken H for more information (see your church directory or contact us).