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Held at Epiphany Lutheran Church
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Office: 3677 Park Ave
Ellicott City, Maryland

Five Wishes

Death is the most intimate of life experiences – an unknowable mystery we will each face. In researching death as an undergraduate, I learned that one of the most important things in dying a “good death” is personal autonomy. How do I want to live my remaining months, weeks, and days? Together, in a small group, we will explore the detailed advance directive “Five Wishes,” a detailed legal document that allows one to reflect upon and answer the following questions:

Who should make my healthcare decisions when I cannot?

What kind of medical treatment do I want?

How comfortable do I want to be?

How do I want people to treat me?

What do I want my loved ones to know?

In reflecting on these questions, we contemplate our own deaths in an intimate way, taking control of our final time in this realm and allowing others, including family members, healthcare workers, and faith leaders to know how we would like to die. Engaging with this document ensures that our transition is as purposeful and meaningful as possible.  Together, in a small group, we will reflect on these questions and discuss next steps for those who would like to pursue this option.  

We will meet Saturday, March 18 from 1-2pm.  Please RSVP to let Rev. Jane know if you would prefer to meet in person or at Park Ave.