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Services: Online and In-Person
Held at Epiphany Lutheran Church
9122 Sybert Dr
Ellicott City, MD 21043

Office: 3525 Ellicott Mills Drive, Suite A
Ellicott City, MD 21043
Courthouse Square Office Complex

Sermons (Page 6)

The Dead Within Us

Each of those whom we have lost helped shape and mold so much of who we are as a piece of our expansive heritage. While none of us know what happens after life in this realm, we do know that the dead live on within us.  Yet even with this in our hearts, we must learn to live without their physical presence. In this grief, pain, and loss, we can still find ways to…

Hidden Heritage

This Sunday, we take a frank look at the history of our county and the heritage we have inherited through genocide and slavery.  Through a detailed look at theology, art, origin stories and myth, we explore the narratives of horrors and healing. Together, we will navigate our current day role as a people of faith.  May we ask, what do heaven and…

All of Who We Are

None of us are isolated beings with the ability to shape all of who we are. We are crafted in intimate ways with that which came before us, including our history, culture, faith and ancestry. Through our understanding of this lineage, we are given a glimpse into understanding who we are.  With this in mind, what do we want to pass on…

The Gift of Heritage: Paying It Forward

We often speak of the interdependent web of which we are a part. Picturing this like a spider’s web, we may think of the web as horizontal; but the web has a linear dimension, as well. This is the dimension by which we’re interdependently connected to ancestors… and to descendants– To those who come before and those who come after us.  Our…

In the Midst of Change

Often, we prefer the comfort of our current ailments to the promising unknown.  If we resist change, however, we are held in a state of harmful dormancy.  If we instead invite change as inherent to life, we foster happiness and heal wounds. Welcoming transformation promotes a continuous, yet difficult, journey of growth and maturity.  Change, as we will explore, is life’s only…