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Services: Online and In-Person
Held at Epiphany Lutheran Church
9122 Sybert Dr
Ellicott City, MD 21043

Office: 3525 Ellicott Mills Drive, Suite A
Ellicott City, MD 21043
Courthouse Square Office Complex

Sermons by Rev. Jane Bennett Smith (Page 2)

The Home Within Us

Home is not a tangible dwelling, but a space held within our very hearts, souls, and minds.  Home can be an inner, unbreakable source of love, self-acceptance, faith, and security. This Sunday we ask, what does it mean to be at home no matter where we are geographically, what we are experiencing, or what detriment we carry within? 

Transformed by Faith

Ramadan is a hallowed time for Muslims of inviting the sacred into one’s life through the act of fasting; it is a time to cultivate a deeper and lasting connection with all that is holy.  This intentional, deepening relationship is one that is carried into each day of the year ahead. This Sunday, join us as we reflect upon how we can…

A Sacred “Yes”

Together, we explore our collective and individual theologies of giving.  This Sunday, we ask, how and why can we offer a profound and sacred “yes” when presented with a need? How can our acts of giving provide us meaning, hope, and purpose?  We are called to live lives of reciprocity, giving and receiving in turn.

Of Faith and Justice

This Sunday, we explore justice and equity through the lens of religions throughout the centuries.  In many circumstances, faith has traditionally been utilized to justify detrimental social hierarchies, caste systems, and slavery.  How can we reinterpret faith and religion as entities of compassion, equity, justice, and love? We use the history and theologies of our own faith tradition to redefine traditional views…

In Each of Our Days

This Sunday, we explore how we can weave the call of justice and equity into each day, centering in awareness, courage, and radical empathy. We engage in small acts of service and use our gifts and talents to craft a beautiful and equitable world. Through these intentions and actions, we become closer to all we hold sacred and holy as we deepen…