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Sermons from January 2022

Tending the Seeds

Buddhism understands intention as a seed – present, but needing nurture and care to truly come to fruition.  In response to the problem of suffering, Buddhists follow eight practices, an interlocking set of ways of being that connect mind and body.  Present throughout is the thread of intention, the question of where to focus the mind, and how.  This Sunday, we reflect on…

Our True Colors

It may appear simple, but we often face obstacles in being true to ourselves. We each know, deep within us, who we are and what we want. In putting these truths into practice, we may experience a change within. This Sunday, we are called to let go of the inauthentic.

Justice, Love, and Hope

This Sunday, we honor the legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a person of faith whose actions and leadership changed the course of our country. King’s legacy is found in his theology of justice, centering on love, nonviolence, and a refusal to accept that which is wrong and harmful. Together, we reflect on the relevance of this wisdom in our world today.

Where Faith and Justice Meet

How do we each interpret the Biblical phrase “faith without works is dead”? As a religious community, we are called to set intentions to heal an aching world. The call to justice is foundational in Unitarian Universalism and is drawn from our Christian and Jewish sources, as well as from many of the world’s religions. The importance of this intersection is apparent in many theologies…