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The Gift of Heritage: Paying It Forward

We often speak of the interdependent web of which we are a part. Picturing this like a spider’s web, we may think of the web as horizontal; but the web has a linear dimension, as well. This is the dimension by which we’re interdependently connected to ancestors… and to descendants– To those who come before and those who come after us. 

Our worship theme for the month of October is “Heritage.” This theme evokes questions like:

  • “On whose shoulders do we stand?” 
  • “Who, and what, came before us, and holds us, in the great web?” 
  • “What gifts have we inherited from those who preceded us?”

The theme of “Heritage” also raises questions such as:

  • “What responsibilities has our heritage placed on our shoulders?” 
  • “What do we want to provide for those who come after us?” 
  • “What do we want to pull from the past into the future?”

This Sunday, we’ll begin to grapple with some of these questions, focusing on our heritage as the current body of Channing Memorial Church and what we have to offer in the present and to the future.