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Sermons from 2023 (Page 6)

Resistance to Evil

  Resistance strikes me as a worthwhile lens to apply to the concept of evil, which I’ve been exploring lately from various angles. Today I want to look at evil–and resistance to evil–from a variety of faith perspectives. So, I’ve brought you some views based on six major world religions.      

An Ode to the Earth

This Earth Day, we praise the gifts of the earth by grounding ourselves in gratitude, appreciation, mindfulness, and prayer. These simple and earnest practices alter our interactions with the world around us and can serve to guide us spiritually in each of our days. We are not separate from nature but a part of it, called to engage in acts of reciprocity…

Sacred Hope

This Sunday, we explore the stories of Passover and Easter through the lens of resistance. One story chronicles the journey of an oppressed community who left the known for the unknown, traversing decades of obstacles towards freedom. The other offers an account of the resurrection of a loving man that suggests how love can prevail against all odds. One details a group…

A Faith of Resistance

As we begin our month-long journey into the theme of resistance, we ground ourselves in the defiance held within the very foundations of Unitarian Universalism. Our faith is built upon a liberal theology which served to counter the teachings of Calvinism. Founded in this theology, Unitarian Universalism calls us to love each other, our sacred, and our world, and sets the foundation…

Visible and Vulnerable

Join us on Sunday for a service in recognition of International Transgender Day of Visibility. We’ll hold transgender and gender nonconforming people in the soft light of our 1st Principle (through which we covenant to affirm and promote “the inherent worth and dignity of every person”) and our March theme of “vulnerability.”